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Why Us

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We take the guesswork out and delve into the past and the future of a building, to give you the most accurate value of your investment


As a Buyers Agent, I deliver peace of mind that you are buying the Right property, at the Right price for the Lifestyle you want in a time frame that works for you.

The process of buying property is one where you need confidence, and I work exclusively for you through this complex procedure. 

Firstly we work through your requirements to determine your budget and your lifestyle needs. We then narrow down the suitable locations and properties that will be a good fit and assess their condition and the appropriate price. I then ensure each of my clients are kept fully informed through the purchase process right through to completion.  

My extensive experience covers all aspects of the property market, I develop long-term relationships with my clients to advise them on their property portfolio decisions.

Property is not a short-term game.

I work in the market where my clients need to be; I can bring in professionals as required – lenders, solicitors or conveyancers, interior designers, and architects.

I pride myself on my reputation for transparent communication and integrity in all my transactions. Importantly I will listen and help to realize your real estate goals.

I look forward to getting to know you, understanding your objectives, and working together.

- Ann Paterson

We act for you, so we put you first

What matters to us is finding the right property at the right price for you. It’s why we take care in understanding your requirements, needs and red lines. We take care of the process, sending you the information that you need when you need it.



We free up your time

We leverage our knowledge base to know what property is on the market and what will come on the market. We manage the agents and the purchase process for you, so you only need to be involved when critical decisions need to be made.

We reduce the risk for you

We assess the condition of the property, its fair price and its future potential. You walk in with your eyes open. We understand the tricks and tactics in the property market and make them work on your behalf.


We save you time, frustration and money

Let's help you take the guesswork out 

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